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Professional grade Microsoft 365 email hosting and migration

Microsoft 365 has rapidly become the defacto standard for businesses allowing them to improve productivity with office access from any device which all work and sync together in real-time.

These days employees need to be dynamic and work with ease when in or away from the office. Microsoft 365 enables this by hosting your company data in a secure Microsoft UK datacentre and allowing secure access over the internet at any time from any device. It also understands that sometimes you may need to work on that file or read that email when you dont have connectivity so allows caching to your device too. For familiar trusted Microsoft applications from any device contact us now to sign up.

Email hosting with Microsoft Office 365 is a service that allows individuals and businesses to manage their email communication using Microsoft’s suite of productivity tools. Here are the key points:

Email Accounts: Office 365 provides email accounts with your own domain name (e.g., You can create and manage multiple email addresses for your team and also mave multiple domain names and identities all managed under one Microsoft account.


  • Exchange Online: The core email service in Office 365, based on Microsoft Exchange. It offers features like shared calendars, contacts, tasks, and global address lists.

  • Outlook Web App (OWA): A web-based interface for accessing your emails from any device with an internet connection.

  • Desktop Outlook: You can use the full-featured Outlook desktop application for email, calendar, and contacts.

  • Mobile Apps: Access your emails on iOS and Android devices using the Outlook mobile app.

  • Collaboration Tools: Share files, collaborate on documents, and schedule meetings using OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams.

  • Security and Compliance:

  • Office 365 includes robust security features, such as anti-spam filters, encryption, and multi-factor authentication.

  • Compliance features help meet legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Scalability and Reliability:

  • Office 365 is hosted in Microsoft’s data centers, ensuring high availability and reliability.

  • It scales easily as your organization grows.

Subscription Plans:
Choose from various plans (e.g., Business Basic, Business Standard, E3, E5) based on your needs and budget.
Plans may include additional services like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and online storage.


Remember that Office 365 is a subscription-based service, and you pay per user per month. It’s a convenient solution for professional email, collaboration, and productivity. 😊📧

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