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Organize Your Business better with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 for business allows you to improve productivity with office access from any device which all work and sync together in real-time.

These days employees need to be dynamic and work with ease when in or away from the office. Microsoft 365 enables this by hosting your company data in a secure Microsoft UK datacentre and allowing secure access over the internet at any time from any device. It also understands that sometimes you may need to work on that file or read that email when you dont have connectivity so allows caching to your device too. For familiar trusted Microsoft applications from any device contact us now to sign up.

Migrating to Microsoft 365
Once you have chosen your Microsoft 365 plan in conjunction with our IT consultant we can offer our hands-on services to assist with your smooth migration to Microsoft 365 based services. The main tasks are below, we offer a full range of migration services.

  1. Access all the benefits of a fully featured Microsoft Exchange email server without the costs associated with on-premise hardware or installation.

  2. Pricing levels and features to suit all business requirements, our experts will ensure you get the correct version of Office 365 for your needs.

  3. Microsoft Office 365 deployments and migrations

  4. Migration of all of your existing mailboxes and services with minimal downtime

  5. On-going support and mailbox provisioning

  6. Fileserver data into users

  7. OneDrive or Sharepoint library

Onedrive for business gives the user a large cloud based file storage space for their files. The onedrive client app ensures any files placed in the onedrive folder get synced up to the cloud. One drive also offers cloud sync of the users ‘Documents’ ‘ Desktop’ and ‘Pictures’ folders. We can migrate all these for your users in a seamless way using the industry standard tools.

Microsoft subscription prices correct as of July 2024, for the latest Microsoft public pricing please see this link

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