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Is Remote desktop support safe?

Yes and no! Here at Southwell Computer Centre we use AnyDesk which is a legitimate desktop-sharing app that thousands of users and enterprises use worldwide. It employs several layers of data protection and encryption to ensure user data remains safe.

Additionally, it offers different privacy settings, allowing users to choose who can access their devices and how. When used correctly, AnyDesk is a safe solution for establishing access to a remote computer or mobile device. It utilizes the same type of encryption that banks use to protect account details, ensuring your data remains secure.

However, some hackers and scammers also use the same or similar apps. If you have any suspicious activity relating to remote access, remember these key rules:

  • We recommend only using remote IT support services from local trusted firms that you already know of, and have already had good face-to-face dealings with. Who are they? Where are they? Are they governed by UK law?

  • Never give anyone you don’t know any kind of access to your devices.

  • Never share online banking login details or any passwords with anyone.

  • Be cautious of unexpected calls claiming to offer help—no legitimate company will ask you over the phone to download software.

  • If you feel uncomfortable or insecure, hang up the call and end any remote session by turning off your device.

In case of a scam, fraud or hacking report it to your internet account provider, change any compromised passwords, have your devices checked by an IT specialist, and you must inform the National Cyber Security Centre using the link below. Stay vigilant and protect your digital security!

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